13 Feb 2015

WIN a signed copy of RobotOverlords and an exclusive robots Chocoholics bar

Robot Overlords is an upcoming science fiction movie starring Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley.

The feature film is co-written by Mark Stay, husband to Clare Stay, who used to be a Chocoholics distributor. Mark has also written a book, available now, that accompanies the movie.

As a thank you gift, Mark decided to give his publishers a chocolate bar wrapped with the image of the book’s front cover, so turned to Chocoholics’ in-house personalisation service. The very apt appraisal of the film “Deliciously scary in all the right places…” seems a fitting tag-line to accompany the chocolate bar.

They loved it so much that they're now offering it as a prize! So, head on over to their Twitter page and give this tweet a retweet, and you could win a copy of the excellent Robot Overlords, PLUS a customised Chocoholics chocolate bar.

If you have something to promote and wish to combine it with a tasty treat, please call us on 0118 9321 043 and ask for our personalisation service.To view other personalised bars and for information, check out our website. 

12 Mar 2014

A few of the new Chocolates for Chocoholics chocolates!

As you may already know, every season Chocoholics introduces a number of new flavours to their huge collection of delicious treats. Some of them are sourced from delicious producers across the world, while others (like our exclusive cupcake flavours) begin in the development department at Chocoholics HQ. Each one goes through a vigorous tasting process (it's hard working here!) to make sure our customers get the best possible experience. 

Want to see what exclusives we've got this season? Have a look at some of our flavours below:

The Latte Macchiato is the perfect after dinner treat! 

Now the sunshine is out, we're loving the more summery flavours. Introducing - Key Lime Pie!

This one went down very well on our Facebook page (and with our distributors) - Lemon Drizzle!

One for the real Chocoholics - The Mississippi Mud Pie

What could be more summery than a Peach Melba chocolate?

Lemon shortcake anyone?

Toffee Apple aren't just for bonfire night! We love this sweet treat all year round

Don't forget, the spring catalogue is out now. You can request one from our website, give us a call on 0118 9321043 to get in touch with your nearest distributor, or order direct through our website. 

4 Mar 2014

Personalised Boxes of Chocolates

Personalised Boxes of Chocolates

Personalised Boxes of Chocolates

I was looking for something different for my lovely neighbour when I found this amazing website www.chocolates-for-chocoholics.co.uk.

They specialise in hand packed boxes of delicious continental chocolates. I found exactly what I was looking for and well within my budget.

The box I chose came from their range of Personalised Chocolate Boxes and it contained sixteen delicious Belgian style chocolates. They are also available in boxes containing eight chocolates.

The box came with a sleeve that is available in a wide selection of designs and the best part is that they can all be personalised with whatever name you want. The packaging is so pretty you do not need to both wrapping in gift paper.

Ordering on their website was very easy with all the designs clearly displayed and the personalisation instructions simple to follow.  I even received a personal call from Vanessa to check that the message was spelled correctly. I hope her bosses appreciate her wonderful commitment

I will definitely be using this website for most of my gifts

12 Oct 2012

Win a personalised box of 30 chocolates!

We've got a very special prize for you all to celebrate National Chocolate Week AND hitting 5,000 likes on Facebook!

We know you all have very different tastes when it comes to chocolate. That's why we have such a wide range of products. But we want to give one of you a chance to win a very special box of chocolates.

One filled with all your favourite chocolates!

All you have to do to enter, is tell us in the comments section below what you'd fill a box of 30 chocolates with. All caramels? A mix of milk, white and dark? Lots of strawberry chocolate or maybe a mix of pralines? Let us know in the comments!

We'll randomly pick a winner from the entries on Friday 19th October and announce the winner on our Facebook page. Please make sure you've liked our Facebook page first and please leave your full name when leaving your comment, so we can contact you if you've won! 

13 Jun 2012

Five things you might not know about chocolate

This image was selected as a picture of the we...

  • Money might not grow on trees, but chocolate does. Or rather, cacoa does. You might not want to eat it straight from the tree though, as it's quite bitter in its basic form!
  • One chocolate chip provides enough food energy for an adult to walk 150 feet. See? Chocolate and exercise really does go hand-in-hand!
  • Every year on the 14th of February, Japanese girls give chocolate hearts to their loved ones. The men then return the favour a month later on “Howaito” white day.
  • Chocolate doesn't, as often believed, give you spots. In fact, this myth came about as some spots are caused by a bad diet. Chocolate like most things is fine in moderation!
  • In Alfred Hitchcock's movie "Psycho" chocolate syrup was used to indicate blood in the famous shower scene
Chocolates for Chocoholics are experts in chocolate - after all, we spend all day sourcing it, tasting it and selling it! Got any questions? Give us a call on 0118 9321043. 

6 Jun 2012

Why should you become a Chocoholics Distributor?

Tempted to become a Chocoholics distributor? Here are ten good reasons why you should!

1) It's a great way to supplement your income in the lead up to Christmas and Easter

2) There is a generous support package with free brochures, samples, invitations and hostess gifts.

3) You will meet lots of interesting people and make lots of new friends.

4) It's seasonal, so you don't have to work in the summer!

5) We offer ongoing support and advice throughout the season. Any relevant website enquiries will be passed to you.

6) Successful Distributors can also receive bonuses and incentive prizes for higher sales. We also have an annual weekend away for those that hit their targets, and distributors are invited to Chocoholics HQ twice a year to view the new range and catch up with other distributors, and for additional feedback sessions. Your views could shape the future of Chocolates for Chocoholics! 

7). Chocolate sells well so little or no experience is required, just your enthusiasm! 

8) Most of the work is in the evenings so it fits in well with family commitments

9) Chocolate Parties are very popular and easy to book.

10) You will be invited to an introductory day where you will learn all about Chocolates for Chocoholics.

27 Aug 2011

Explaining QR codes

Hello Chocoholics!

We've got some exciting bits and pieces lined up for our Winter 2011 season, including some brand new chocolates (some of which are exclusively designed by Chocolates for Chocoholics). If you've been following us on Facebook, you'll have already seen a few sneak peeks at what's to come!

Our new range, and the catalogue, will be available from the 5th September. When you receive our catalogue, you might notice a funny little box on the back, like the one on the right.

That funny little box is a QR code. It's a bit like a bar code you scan with a special app on your phone, which then takes you to a link, picture, map or various other websites. The one on the back of the catalogue will take you to our website, so you don't have to type in the address. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit us! :)

Keep an eye out for a QR code promotion we'll be running during the season too.

There are a number of apps you can download for free to scan QR codes. Check out QR Reader for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the QR Code Scanner Pro for the Blackberry or QR Droid for Android phones.

Do you scan QR codes?