27 Aug 2011

Explaining QR codes

Hello Chocoholics!

We've got some exciting bits and pieces lined up for our Winter 2011 season, including some brand new chocolates (some of which are exclusively designed by Chocolates for Chocoholics). If you've been following us on Facebook, you'll have already seen a few sneak peeks at what's to come!

Our new range, and the catalogue, will be available from the 5th September. When you receive our catalogue, you might notice a funny little box on the back, like the one on the right.

That funny little box is a QR code. It's a bit like a bar code you scan with a special app on your phone, which then takes you to a link, picture, map or various other websites. The one on the back of the catalogue will take you to our website, so you don't have to type in the address. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit us! :)

Keep an eye out for a QR code promotion we'll be running during the season too.

There are a number of apps you can download for free to scan QR codes. Check out QR Reader for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the QR Code Scanner Pro for the Blackberry or QR Droid for Android phones.

Do you scan QR codes?

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